Standard Carpet Cleaning

Every day, your carpet collects dust, grime, dirt, allergens, pet hair, and food particles. This built-up can be hazardous–the most important reason to get your carpet cleaned is for the health of you and your family! Our IICRC certified process steam-cleans your carpet at 230˚ to ensure the highest quality clean available, providing for optimum health and a like-new appearance!

Carpet Repair

When pet damage, cigarette burns, bleach spots, or fireplace burns create permanent damage, we provide industry-leading, IICRC-certified carpet repair, including highest-quality color matching, re-stretching, and re-installation.


Health-wise, cleaning your upholstery regularly is as important as cleaning your carpet. Our IICRC certified upholstery cleaning process gets your furniture looking and smelling new again, even if you have pets!

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